Enhance CodinGame with Tech.io playgrounds


You have probably seen the playground of @Marchete on Voronoi Diagrams. It is super helpful for some multis on CG: Tron Battle, Back to the Code, Hypersonic…
@Sablier also created a playground on genetic algorithms. I believe a lot of CodinGamers will find it very useful!

We believe that this kind of playground could be very great to our community. So we want to reward their creators (and reviewers) with XP (we can’t add XP to people like that, but we will be able to do it soon :smiley: ) and add the links to the playgrounds in the detail page of the relevant puzzles/games.

So, if you’re interested in creating this kind of playground, join the beta of Tech.io (you don’t need a key anymore) and let me know!


Can I fork somebody playground?
Can’t find any option.

sorry @wizzup, I forgot to answer. For now, playgrounds are stored on private repos. Usually though, the authors publish it on their own public repos and link it in the playground.
Actually, we want to facilitate collaboration so we’ll add a direct Github integration on Tech.io. We’re working on it:


A playground that we can share on puzzles/games will reward 1000 XP to the creator. So if you’re working on a playground that could be related to a puzzle/game, don’t hesitate to reach me :wink:

One more question, Does Tech.io has it’s own forum?

No, but each playground has is own thread.

to complete @_CG_SaiksyApo’s answer, it will.
We will add Disqus comments under each Playground, but we’ll also add a Discourse forum like this one.

I really miss a ‘search’ or ‘explore’ function or something like that to find content different from the featured playgrounds.
I’ve seen how many playgrounds vonRickRoll has, but only 1 has been listed in featured.

Can’t be usefull to cycle through the users to find content that is interesting

Also all playgrounds should be marked/tagged what language is used for the coding examples. Since i’m not a python native it took me some time to find out the language used in https://tech.io/playgrounds/334/genetic-algorithms
Would also be usefull if i want to find stuff for my favorite language

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Soon, you should be able to explore all the latest published playgrounds. The search option will come after.

As for the language used for some playgrounds, you’re totally right. We also planned to add tags at some point, but I don’t know when exactly. I’ll check with Sablier if we can add the language in the title meanwhile.

Thanks for the feedback!


Is there a location to give you feedback for tech.io?

Else it would also be nice if language independent playgrounds (like the GA one) could be solved with a choosen language, so i could solve it in Java instead of python.
It’s much easier if you only have to understand a concept and not also the functions and syntax of a ‘new’ language

or maybe make it possible to localize the coding stuff in another language, because most examples are more complex than the default generated code here at CG


We have a slack channel, and we will soon have a forum like this one.

About language independent playgrounds, they’ve been demanded already. We don’t have a way to do it now, but we’ll surely make it happen in the future.

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if i get this right slack channel is a invite only communication system?

so i guess i will wait for the forum :wink:

Sorry, I forgot to put the link: https://betainvite.herokuapp.com/
Actually, it’s in the first email you receive from tech.io. I don’t now if you created a new account (note: you can also connect with your CG account)

Additional, anyone can “list” playgrounds from any user on tech.io in their respective profiles, even without the listing function:

Congrats to Racso for his playground on Dijkstra algorithm:

Shortest paths with Dijkstra’s Algorithm

Also, I awarded 500 XP to Askirkela for helping on translating Sablier’s playground on Genetic Algorithms.