Enhancing Codingame, How can i contribute

Hi All,
I would like to contribute to codingame, is there some team involved? I 've few thought like

Maximizing the problem statement
Making the chat full screen
Sharing code across users (specific users)

Is it open source code? Can i contribute ?

Hey @DineshKumar,

if you want to contribute or maybe work for the CodinGame team, you could register for the contest “There is no Spoon” and apply for the job offer listened at the register page.

They have Babyfoot and Quake3 tournaments, Laser games, Free coffee/tea :smile:


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@ronlobo said it all :slight_smile:

But the other for you to help if you don’t want to join cg or can’t is to propose good, fresh and innovative idea for the staff here on the forum, or even develop tools for the wesite, etc.

Keep up the good spirit anyway!

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