Error 314 - Submitted code is too big


What are the source code limits? I’m trying to upload a fairly complex solution to the platinum rift game, but I get hit with a submission too large error. Imho, considering it’s a 3 week contest, I find it very odd to put limits on the submission size (particularly quite low limits).


Size limit is 50k chars, which is actually not that low.

You might want to remove comments, make your attributes public instead of having getters/setters (if you’re using an OO language), use tabs instead of spaces for indentation, and so on… There are a lot of useless chars that can be spared without losing too much readability :wink:

Depends. Given that Google Code Jam gives you 100K chars for a 3 hour contest, 50K for 3 weeks seems on the low side :stuck_out_tongue:


I just hit the same limit.
Removing some comments, but using tabs instead of spaces? Not so good. :-/

It’s really annoying to have such a low code size limit. One should not delete code comments to submit an improvement.
I vote for an increased code-size limit!

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You could try to port this tool to C++ :smiley:

Thanks goq.
Did anyone think about making an IDE plugin that does this code shrinking and automatically upload to result to codeingame?

Me for Java and Eclipse :smiley:

But didn’t have the time for it yet.

Does someone found a solution to reduce the code automatically ?

I was able to get a 72k file (on Windows) accepted by using “paste as plain text”.

I’m closing this topic that received no messages since 11 months.

Since January, we increased the code size limite, that’s why your 72k file was accepted.