Error running c-sharp:

Hello, I’m now getting this error when trying to run my C# tests:
/bin/bash: /opt/coderunner/dotnet/cg/csharp/ No such file or directory.
I believe this is an error on Codingame-side.
Do you repro? Thanks!

Same, not even empty solutions works. My guess is something is f***ed up

Experiencing the same problem as well. Probably a back-end problem

Update from discord: Staff are aware, will be investigating a fix tomorrow morning.

:wave: Hi @Eldoir, @LordRSling and @cnk_gr : yes, you’re true :
→ all the CodinGame platform is actually (since a couple of hours) experimenting issues executing solutions in at least 3 languages :, C# and F# …

I hope the CodinGame team will quickly discover and solve the problem for all of us :wink:
→ May the patience be with you :handshake: !

Thanks @RoboStac for this very good news :+1: !
→ only a couple of hours to wait :slight_smile:

From Discord:

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Yes, it’s OK : thanks to all the hard-working CodinGame team :handshake: :+1: !