Fall Challenge 2020 - Puzzle discussion

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Hi !
There is something weird happening in that replay at the beginning, turn 3.
Both players learn the first tome, tome 16. According to the interface, it does not have a tax on it.
Yet Bossdorf gets an extra tier-0 ingredient while AWOL doesn’t.
Is this a bug ?


The interface appears wrong indeed, but not in turn 3. If I trace things by hand: (asterisk is tax)

Tomes @0: 8 40 14 2 16 21 …

Turn 1:
Left LEARN 14 (tax 2, new inventory 1)
Right LEARN 8 (-)
Tomes @1: 40* 2* 16 21 …

Turn 2:
Left LEARN 2 (tax 1 payback 1, inventory stable) ← your inventory should be 1, viewer shows 2
Right LEARN 40 (payback 1 new inventory 4)
Tomes @2: 16* 21 … ← there is 1 tax on tome 16, viewer doesn’t show it

Turn 3:
Left LEARN 16 (payback 1, new inventory 2)
Right LEARN 16 (payback 1, new inventory 5)
Tomes @3: 21 …
[viewer back to normal]

First guess without source-diving would be that the viewer doesn’t gets confused when the tax is placed on spells above what was learnt. (I know I was)

Do your inputs confirm?

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This issue has been fixed: https://www.codingame.com/replay/511388061
Thank you for these inputs, they allowed record time bug crushing.

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What was the problem? I see no change on github :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

On Wood 1 League With JS, inputs[9] (castable bit) always returns undefined.

no, it doesn’t. Try to print the input in the console just after you read it. The bug is in your code :wink: