Fall Challenge 2021 - Feedbacks & Strategies

The topic where you can tell how you liked the challenge, & how you solved it.

As an exceptional bonus this time, and given the challenge game was announced not to be released again as a classic game on the platform, you may actually share your code publicly. Who knows, maybe a beginner could learn how to DFS.

Global leaderboard: https://www.codingame.com/contests/fall-challenge-2021/leaderboard/global

Next event: Spring Challenge 2022 (northern hemisphere only, sorry not sorry RoW)

Thanks a lot for participating!


Most likely this thread is irony, but let me give real feedback:

We did not treat it as a contest at all, only as a team-building opportunity, with zero care about the timer. So we did it not at contest start but 5 days later, with 4 fellow colleagues, after work. We were together in the same meeting room and I think this approach added to the fun factor.

Overall, the puzzles were fine - challenging but solvable. We were stuck for a long time only once: at the very end of the first room with the bells puzzle. We had to use hints only here and it turned out that all 4 laptops were muted…

So I would love to see similar events in the future. Just please: not instead of the traditional AI bot contests, but besides them! These have so different target audience, intensity, coding difficulty, etc so that they really cannot substitute each other.


Your post was >50% of the thread at time of posting. You tell me.

Surprised there was no official thread for this. I sticky it for now I guess, set to expire tomorrow 8 AM.

I personally agree with this. Probably a lot of other users share the same thoughts.

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I was waiting a half of a year for competing in algorithms, data structures uses, class building and wondering what new I can implement to beat legend league boss.

This was not a coding contest - waiting time is increased to 1 year.

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Hold on right there—do you know something we don’t?

Which “we” you are addressing to? :tipping_hand_man:
I think I was strightforward.

I do believe that @JBM was referring to your stated waiting time of 1 year, when in fact the next contest (whatever shape or form it may take) is in 6 months, Spring Challenge 2022

6 months passed already from the last contest (Spring Challenge 2021), 6 more to go. That makes total of 1 year of waiting - according to my calculations. :wink:

I may be wrong, thou.

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Fair point, I see your logic here :wink:

I had actually understood @elderlybeginner’s logic of counting from the last multiplayer contest. The information I’m lacking to reach the same conclusion is that a Spring Challenge 2022 would in fact be a multiplayer again.

AFAIK that much hasn’t been announced, so the waiting time is indeterminate.


Yes, indeed that information is lacking currently.

Oh, I didn’t even consider this.
Right - that’s still on the table.
I was too optimistic. :scream:

Don’t lose the optimism, I think we need all we can get right now!