Fall Challenge 2022 - Bugs and questions

Please use this topic to report bugs or ask questions about the Spring Challenge 2022


Referee code on Github


Hello, is it normal the title stay on the video example (when you first enter the application)?

Hello !

There is a little refreshing problem with leaderboard and “recent fight” panels ^^ I went to bronze but it was showing that I didn’t do any match for the moment :open_mouth:

Same, in bronze, the progression remains for a long time 0% when I already played 70 games.

Thanks !



Hi, doing my matches but not getting into the leaderboard, and the match % progress doesn’t show up either, I can beat the boss again and again but I’m stuck in wood league, it’s like I’m doing matches that aren’t taken into account for my ranking

Hi, I think there is a bug .My opponent won even if I had the most tiles. I am the red ones here. I’ve been beaten by opponents who didn’t even take an action. They end up with 1 point and me with ‘-’. Somehow the points at the end are not calculated correctly. They are shown correctly on the screen though.

I just got promoted but was stuck on the wood (and now bronze) leaderboard and not showing at all on the full leaderboard. So the leaderboards are stuck but it doesn’t look like it stops you getting promoted.

I can beat the boss again and again but I’m stuck in wood league

You’re probably beating the boss more than the other players.

Looks like you were disqualified. Check the console for errors.

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You’re right. I had a error in python when trying to access an array at an invalid index but nothing was shown in the console. It only happened when there was no opponent tiles anymore.


Bug in the referee.

I got this error: Invalid Input: Expected BUILD < n > < x > < y > but got ‘Build 3 3’

Obviously I should have used caps for “BUILD”, but the error suggest I need an amount . This threw me off for a second.


Yeah, i missed a line:
“Robots may not occupy a Grass tile or share a tile with a Recycler.”

can Recycler(s) cause cell to be unreachable?

Replay: https://www.codingame.com/replay/677674961

  • I’m blue.
  • Turn 7: “MOVE 1 4 6 6 6” but unit will not move.
  • Turn 8: “MOVE 1 4 6 7 6” (different target cell) but again, no move
  • Turn 9: “MOVE 1 4 6 6 7” and again unit will not move into 3rd destination…

Is it some kind of bug or i missed something @ Rules?

Thanks for any help/info.

Some maps seems to be generated unfairly (Not sure if it’s a bug or not)…
Take this map for example: https://www.codingame.com/replay/677743577
I’m unable to reach the opponent (and vice-versa) but the opponent has more space to expand then me (Ignore my bot in the example above… Haven’t found a way to stop the bot from destroying tiles that doesn’t need to be destroyed using an extractor)

Looks like the map generated fairly. Your problem is that your recyclers are reducing the number of spaces you have to occupy by depleting their resources. Your opponent did not build a recycler, so they have more spaces to occupy.

Also, you could have reached your opponent, but one of your recyclers destroyed a critical tile early on.

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You’re right… How did I miss the first tile one of my units was standing on :sweat_smile:
It seems I was wrong and the map is fully connected from start… My bad!

It would be great if the tile art better represented the actual scrap amount. Some images show lots of scrap but have very little and vice versa.


The leaderboard should be fixed now :slight_smile:

The leaderboard should be fixed now :slight_smile:

It would be nice if the red player spawns right and blue player spawns left. Should not do anything with the balance of the game. Anyone got time to fix that?