Fall Challenge 2023 - Bugs and questions

General topic for contest challenge should be open together with a contest.

Type/color table should be transposed. This way rows of the table would correlate with sea level and that makes table more readable.

When do the Silver, Gold and Legend leagues unlock?

See replay link below. Ruier’s drone vanishes on turn 13 then has NaN score on turn 14.

For the Wood 3 league, this line should be removed :

“In addition to the points earned if you scan a fish and bring the scan back to the surface”.

In Wood 3, you do not need to return to the surface at all (Scans are automatically collected).

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On the IDE page Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better, click on your rank at the top of the screen. You will see the next dates.

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Hi, There were some T-Shirt prizes in previous challanges. Any chance we can still win that now?


Hello, I am not sure what happens but i have a bug. In some matches, the match ends in turn 1 with me not sending any line.

I test the same envirenement in the IDE and it is working perfectly.
What can be the reason of such behaviour test my code, mostly every time I got the same error (against boss) but when I test again “with the same conditions”, the error does not occur.

in one of my battles Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better my bots surface after scanning all creatures and 1 ship fails to reach the top, then they proceed to start scanning all the fish again. I sent the game to the IDE and it finishes with both bots surfacing successfully on round 40.

another issue I have notice is that in practice I periodically get a warning that not all inputs have been read, but replaying the same code again causes the warning to disappear.

Hi, I had the same type of issue and discovered after a long time that some errors happened because in the arena my droneId could be 1 and not 0…

Hello, I think I’ve spotted a bug in the game code, which may happen in the score computation when several drones simultaneously report the same fish for the first time.

See here:

In doReport, applyScansForReport is called for every drone of every player.
However, see in applyScansForReport:

If we see that a drone already reported a scan for a first time, we cancel the pre-saved bonus for the player, even though the scan may be validated by both drones of the same player!

The code makes the wrong assumption that no two drones of the same player will have scanned the same fish.

I guess I found a bug, check this replay: Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better

My bot reach the surface at fram 42 and on frame 43 it just vanishes, no longer coming back

I also end up with more points than what I received on frame 42, so maybe it was just a bug on the view

Monsters (or uglies) move on with FISH_SWIM_SPEED (200u) when they avoid other monsters (come too close and move in opposite direction of the other monster). I think, it should be UGLY_SEARCH_SPEED (270u) instead, at least I cannot find that behavior in the rules.

Monster detection distance is greater than the 500u it says in the rules. I’ve had monsters take out my drone at ranges up to 600.

The scan of the first drone are removed from the second drone at the end of the method :

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My score on the Bronze LB seems to be stuck at a previous submission - new submissions doesn’t change my score at all. What’s more, my score(rank) on the LB at Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better is stuck at a different previous submission. What now?

Edit : somehow got unstuck. If someone unstuck it for me, thank you

Fish move 200u each turn, in a randomly chosen direction at the beginning of the game.

That randomness is highly exaggerated :wink:

Yup. Spotted that too. As always, trust the referee, not the statement.

hi Team,
how can i run the game locally from source, anyone tried. Please advise.

many thanks

I seem to have tried this one ^^ on my old PC which worked

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Thx thats awesome work.