Fantastic Bits (aka Broomstick Flyers) - Puzzle Discussion

I dont know whats not working in my code, i get:
invalid input. Expected ‘Impossible to throw a snaffle without holding one.’ but found ‘id = 1’
when i run the command: “THROW 16000 3750 500” which is a valid command when holding a snaffle.
I am certain that i am holding one since i debug my code and get:

{‘type’: ‘WIZARD’, ‘state’: 0, ‘xvel’: -69, ‘yvel’: -47, ‘curx’: 8537, ‘cury’: 3183}

{‘type’: ‘WIZARD’, ‘state’: 1, ‘xvel’: -240, ‘yvel’: -74, ‘curx’: 8137, ‘cury’: 4036}
(yes, i use dicts, idk if thats good or bad)
any help on how to fix it is appreciated

What is the startegy to get up in silver ?

Before I have one wizard in defense and the other in attack but it didn’t run well in bronze ?

I just started this one yesterday, and reached silver by simply moving my wizards to the closest snaffle and throwing to the goal as soon as it was catched. I tried one on defense but that made it worse. Or actually, this moving to closest snaffle without defense brought me high up in bronze; the only added thing really bumping me into silver was accio instead of move towards nearest snaffle whenever mymagic was 15. Brought me right up to 200 silver.

In other words, no complex strategies needed for silver.