Fantastic Bits (aka Broomstick Flyers) - Puzzle Discussion

I dont know whats not working in my code, i get:
invalid input. Expected ‘Impossible to throw a snaffle without holding one.’ but found ‘id = 1’
when i run the command: “THROW 16000 3750 500” which is a valid command when holding a snaffle.
I am certain that i am holding one since i debug my code and get:

{‘type’: ‘WIZARD’, ‘state’: 0, ‘xvel’: -69, ‘yvel’: -47, ‘curx’: 8537, ‘cury’: 3183}

{‘type’: ‘WIZARD’, ‘state’: 1, ‘xvel’: -240, ‘yvel’: -74, ‘curx’: 8137, ‘cury’: 4036}
(yes, i use dicts, idk if thats good or bad)
any help on how to fix it is appreciated