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Hi !
How can we make our wizards speak ?
Thx :slight_smile:

Add your message after your command like :


Thx a lot !!

Hello !
During the challenge I am pretty sure that we had access to the referee.
I can’t find it anymore, is it normal?

We didn’t have access to the referee during the contest.

I’m losing a lot of battles somehow when my opponent has a thrust of “NaN”. Why am I the one losing? I’ve checked my code several times to make sure the “NaN” couldn’t be coming from me and even sent it to the IDE and it is definitely my opponent.

This might seem a little silly, stupid even, but every single time I try to call the state if one of my wizards, its always zero, regardless of whether I have the ball or not. Because of that, my wizards never throw, they only grab. Is there something I’m doing wrong? Or another question: Is the timing of me recalling state unlucky?

difficult to say without debugging the code.

Try to print in the standard error the wizards as they are given to you in the input and then when you’ve completely “built” them.

Actually, I was able to find out what was wrong. I just hadn’t defined the variable within the loop! Silly, huh?

hey could you check my code

Hello, does anyone know if its possible to command your wizards individually? If so how?
Ever attempt I make has my wizards rapidly and randomly swapping task between each other.

I suspect something is wrong with the ordering or count of your input read or output write.


How do you find the vectors of blue lines on the wizards as a bludger approaches?

Every turn you read data for your two wizards. When you output commands the first command controls the first one you read. The second controls the second you read.

i got this error code:

Timeout: the program did not provide 2 input lines in due time… Player 1 will no longer be active in this game.

is there a processing time limit? I don’t know if this means my program is too slow or if it’s getting stuck in a loop.

Either your program takes too much time (more than the maximum allocated time for the turn) or it crashes

What do I have to do to advance to the next level? I have beaten the AI Boss many times.

Not sure whether you have been promoted since you posted? Currently I see that you are somewhere in the middle of Wood 1 League, with your score at 20.71 and not near the AI boss at all:

How can we make our wizards speak ?

I try to do something like this : play_action(“MOVE”,450, 4500,150, “Nice try”)

But it didn’t work…