Fantastic Bits - Bugs

Hi fellow coders,

Use this topic to report bugs or remarks about the Fantastic Bits challenge.

If you still don’t know what’s Fantastic Bits yet, take a look here :

Bugs List :
- Drop a line about ACCIO/Snaffle in the statement: Fixed
- Some collision are not elastic: Fixed
- Statement Wood2: Fixed
- Rounding Error: Fixed
- State 1 with no snaffle associated: Fixed
- Incorrect speed in debug view: Fixed
- Scoring and doing an invalid action the same turn should not give a score of 0: Fixed
- Missing wall collision: Fixed
- Flipendo didn’t work when deltaY = 0: Fixed
- Viewer freeze sometimes and I need to refresh the page: Fixed

Feature List :
- When a snaffle pass the goal, it disappear from the view : Done

Hi guys,
I removed some old post and add a track list in the 1st post to keep this thread as clean as possible.


I have a clarification question on Flipendo : it is written that the power of the spell has to be divided by the mass. But the mass of who ? The wizard who casts it or the target ?

Spell power: the normalized vector between the entity’s position and where the spell is directed towards is multiplied by the spell’s power divided by the mass. The result is added to the current speed vector.

It is also written that the spell is applied from the next turn:
When a wizard casts a spell, the effect of the spell starts on the next turn.

What it seems to me is that it starts to apply from the next turn. So if I cast a Flipendo at the end of turn n, the speed of the target will not be modified by the spell when the next turn will start. This is what I understand from the traces I have taken.

Sorry if it is clarified somewhere else.

Spells, thrust and power are similar: they all apply a force on the entity. The force equals the mass times the acceleration. As a consequence, the acceleration endured by the entity is equal to the force divided by the mass.

In the game, the acceleration is added to the velocity every turn.