Fantastic Bits: can`t do second cycle?

while True:
    entities = int(input())  # number of entities still in game
    for i in range(entities):
        # entity_id: entity identifier
        # entity_type: "WIZARD", "OPPONENT_WIZARD" or "SNAFFLE" (or "BLUDGER" after first league)
        # x: position
        # y: position
        # vx: velocity
        # vy: velocity
        # state: 1 if the wizard is holding a Snaffle, 0 otherwise
        entity_id, entity_type, x, y, vx, vy, state = input().split()
        entity_id = int(entity_id)
        x = int(x)
        y = int(y)
        vx = int(vx)
        vy = int(vy)
        state = int(state)
        snaffles = []
        if entity_type == "SNAFFLE":
        wiz = []
        if entity_type == "WIZARD":
            print(wiz, file=sys.stderr)
    for wizard in wiz:
        print("MOVE 8000 3750 100")

Timeout: the program did not provide 2 input lines in due timeā€¦ will no longer be active in this game.

Everytime you have an entity you reset your wizard list.
You should have your wiz=[] and your snaffles=[] outside of the for loop :slight_smile:

ahaha Thank you!
I`am stupid :blush: