Fantastic Bits - Collisions Model

“If a collision occurs during the movement, the entities rebound off one another.”

A simple statement, that will take a lot of time and testing to make identical to the contest algorithms.
I expect the top “Coders Strike Back” AIs already have something similar.
But we have more entities, and 3-at-a-time collisions must be more common, which are very confusing.

I want to spend more time this week coding my AI, than building a simulation.
Perhaps CG can share how the collisions/movement are calculated?


Elastic collision means that the momentum is kept before and after the collision.
The total momentum is the vectorial sum of m×v for each of the colliding objects.

I disagree with your definition nicola1.

A collision is said to be elastic when there is no loss of kinetic energy. Therefore, it is the sum of “m*v^2” that should remain constant.

This is unfortunately not the case here : the collisions are not elastic, contrary to the problem statement.

Both are kept in an elastic collision, kinetic energy AND momentum.

Yes, on that statement I will agree :slight_smile:

However, momentum is supposed to be maintained even if the collision is not elastic.


Can someone please design a community puzzle that will teach us how to simulate collisions? I think this would be really helpful to all.

It could give out velocity vectors, positions and masses and sizes of two or more disk-like objects which are about to collide as inputs and expect new velocity vectors and positions of those objects after 1 second has passed.