[Feature] Clash of Code difficulty ranking and solutions hints



  • In CoC, the problems that randomly appear are often of varying difficulty. However, the user does not know in advance whether the problem is super easy or more complex. I suggest displaying an indicator which states the difficulty of the problem. At least, it could be defined from past users who were confronted to it. Also, in hard cases, maybe some bonus time (like 10% more time) could be added, or removed when the issue is super easy.

  • One other feature I’d like to have, is a hint of the solution of the problem. This would be useful, especially after the battle, when I failed to have the solution and no user is willing to share it’s own.


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If this feature was added, I’d see it as follows:

  1. Before joining the clash, you choose difficulty of the question depending on how much time/energy you have;
  2. You play though the clash;
  3. You vote if the task is adequate to the difficulty level it is claiming to be.

You’d also be able to choose multiple difficulties at once if you’re in a mood for anything

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Would the rank gained/lost change depending on the problem difficulty?
If not, would we expect more casual player in the lower difficulty?
Would that means that rank is easier to gain on lower difficulty?

It also add the question of how the CodinGame bots would react?

Finaly, is there enough player base to separate difficulties?

I do think it’s a great idea, and would not be so complex to put in place. But it need to be think through.