[Feature] Downgrade League feature


What ? I suggest to add a "Downgrade league" button somewhere in a challenge that would subtract one league level from your current league (ie : Legend => Gold, and so on).

Why ? Codingame is a platform for competitive programming but also learning, it's interesting to try several algorithm and to restart from scratch. For exemple you may already have a good heuristic-based AI that ranks Gold. If you want to try a Genetic-based AI you will have to fight Gold players with a brand new (and probably bad yet) AI, which is very difficult and almost impossible if you are still a beginner. Allowing to downgrade would solve this problem by manually decreasing league until you reach a relevant league.

That's just a suggestion but it's something I often face.



On a different side, downgrading can be useful as well to play & test with easier rules, notable example being to remove the fog of war when applicable (fog can be a pain when you want to work on something else).


I agree with this because currently there's no way to experience a previous league, which is useful for cases like showing someone a game (more specifically how easy the game is, so you can reel them into signing up on the site (with referral link)) or competing with friends (which cannot be done if either of you are in a different league).

Recently I decided to start over my code in Tron using C (instead of whichever I was using (JS), which felt limited by the tool), and because I was already out of bronze league, players were quite strong and I couldn't tell when I made improvements to my algorithm because it would consistently perform very poor (the code isn't done yet). I think I'm experiencing exactly what's being detailed and not having the relevant pool of players to fight is indeed a problem.