Feature request: ability to reject incoming follow


Title says it all.

I receive few incoming followings from nonames (meaningless nickname, 2-5 lvl, no avatar, etc), and even an immidiately CoC invite from one of them. Not responding in DM. Reported with no result. So I considering this is nothing more then spam and don’t want to see them in friendlist (call me perfectionist).


I’ve received your report and was going to send you a message.

Anyone can follow anyone, just like on Twitter. There is no way to block someone though or make your profile private.

On a clash lobby, you can see random online people and invite them (only if you follow them), thus the invites. I’ll check this clash invite feature again. I personally don’t like it and I’m questioning its purpose.


I might was not clear enough. I know there is no such feature, and this is a request topic.

Simple “remove follower” button can solve this, because it’s either unlikely those ppls cares about their mass-clicked-followings or even return to CG once more.


I fully support this request – it is very annoying to see https://www.codingame.com/profile/70ea844342cb971eef1a0b16baa51f795090442 every time I want to check who follows me.

It is not only a perfectionist’s problem: if someone registers one time with an offensive picture I am forced to see that picture whenever I visit this page?