Feature request: switch players button in AI IDE


one feature that I regularly wish I had: a button in the Players box of the AI IDE to switch the player ordering.
This would be much more comfortable than having to delete both, then reselect them in the inverse order.

For games with more than 2 players, this could maybe just perform some permutation, or not be available at all.



That would be cool.

Definitely would be nice to have.

And will help those who didn’t notice the “delete” button… (not pointing at anyone in particular, especially at that guy in the mirror)

Agreed, really like this idea. For more than 2 players, just bit-shift right all the players one spot, and put the last player in first place. I’d also like to be able to “Replay in Same Conditions” after changing the positions of players. This is really helpful for checking corner cases from both ends of the playing field.

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