[feature suggest] about the 100ms

First, Sorry for my English ^^

I don’t Want to enter the discution about difference between languages… (you have constraints, it’s up to you to use a powerfull one when you want to test a LOT of different solution to take the good one…)

I just want to make a suggestion about CHOOSING to restrict yourself to make a solution in less time (don’t know, something like 15-25ms, have to make some calcul for a good algorithm too… or more, havn’t any idea of response time for slower languages…)

And you choose it the same way you choose your language:(for being abble to filter the leader board with this criteria, like we can choose language/school/Country…)


  • been abble to compare yourself (when you don’t simulate turns) to ppl doing like you…
  • when you choose an opponent to test your Ai, it’s easier to reproduce a bug against a déterminist one
  • in the Tool CG Spunk, have the choice to only test against Fast responding AI (providing faster results, less “random-dépending” results, and maybe to relieve a little servs…)

Btw… In a lot a job, you arn’t looking for the Very-Best-Result for an “AI” you are looking for the best Result/time… so this criteria can be usefull for Sponsors…

Doing an algorithm for a specific problem isn’t the same thing than retro engineer exact simulation of a turn, Optimizing code to have more perf, etc… It’s Ok than ppl abble to do this in 1 week win… no problem on that… Just, we already have nice criteria to see by Language/country… I think i’m not the only one that could be interested by this criteria…

That’s All, tryed to correct most of my fault/frenglish-term to be easy to understand, sry for the rest :stuck_out_tongue: