[Feedback] Feedback question after code submission


I noticed after one code submission that the site asks me what do I expect from it. The multiple choice question only lets the user chose one answer, which I find sad since I expect more that one of those suggestions.

Additionaly, you could IMO link a more detailed survey to let the user decide if he wants to gove you more datas.

I have never seen this form :o


By the way, I had to create a double account to access it. Can I remove it somehow?

I guess they want a short interview on what do you prefer most on Codingame, to not disturb you too much while you’re playing.

For deletion, I think you need to contact an admin or maybe their special adresse contact@codingame.com . Try asking @MaximeC for more information.

Hi Cvx,

Thanks for your answer

I understand it. My point was just :
1- Giving more than one possible answer might not be more intrusive than limiting to one
2- If they are currently interested in feedback, I think a lot of us are ready to take some more time to give more in-depth answer.

Have a nice day

The feedback question is only available in English language.