Feedback: Language Category(ies) and new Languages

So, here are some suggestions:

  1. Add a new category for new languages discussion.
    Sites such as this are a great place to learn about languages you don’t know either anything about or languages you only know by name. Ideally, there could be a top-level category for various languages, with sub-categories for each specific language.

  2. CodinGame staff should devote resources to keeping up with the forum. There is not much point in having feedback and lively discussion regarding CodinGame if nobody at CodinGame is listening. I know they are reading and responding to some things, while others just seem to “fall through the cracks”. (e.g., Any plans to add R language? )

  3. It was suggested there that the R language be added. I think that would be an awesome addition. Here are three others that I think would be very smart additions.

  • Octave (Basically a free, GNU implementation of Matlab)
  • APL (Ken Iverson’s terse, vector/matrix oriented language
  • J (a modern, direct descendant of APL with all the power of APL but without the funky, single-glyph operators - i.e., you still get the operators, but you type them with vanilla ASCII characters)
  1. Sets of problems that are intended to be solved in a particular language. This is motivation for people to try something new, and such problems should be crafted to try to exemplify a strong point of that language.

  2. Serve as a nexus to other learning-oriented sites. For example,
    Have a place for links to Khan Academy, Coursera, Udacity, MIT’s OCW, etc., “university” type things on the web like:

(What’s your favorite learning site not mentioned yet?)

OK, well, there’s another language: Node would be a nice, very modern addition to this site. I think people are going to be hearing more about Node.js in the near future whether they like it or not.

So… there ya go. :wink:


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Hi @hedgesfan,

We’d like to dedicate more time to share our thoughts, the features we are working on and to answer the questions. We will do it soon (I hope in the next few months).

PS: Thanks for the idea of a forum category per programming language. I’ve done it this morning and they are now online.