Few Improvements of the editor

Hi everyone,

I have some ideas of the online editor that could be great for AI (and other).

  • Possibility to submit severals files. (have a tab for each file would be good). We are here for fun and because we like coding, that’s means we follow somes best practices for readeability and architecture, and we have to write our code in a single file… That really not cool.

  • Possibilty to come back to a previous submit version of our code. For AI when you submit an improvement, sometimes it fails miserabaly and you want to come back to a previous version. That could be useful to have that function available.


YEs, it would be great, like a git of all our codes with revisions and stuff

guys, I think versionning and multiple files are good ideas. But maybe not an emergency since you can use git (or any other Version Manager) and an IDE to write your code. don’t you think?

Yes of course, I’m already doing that but. you know that things would have save me a lot of time, for the platinium rift. I had some copy paste error very tricky, that would have not happen with that features.

I dont mean a git like functionnality by the way, just a way to have access to all the version with previously submit, and load it in the editor.

The multiple file, would drasticaly improve the user experience, by allowing to split the code and make it more readable and easier to change or copy/paste.

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I agree - a combination of sensible naming and object orientation make a single file a bit cramped.