Fire and Ice - Run locally?

I would like to participate in the Fire and Ice competition, but I want to try feeding it through a neural network.

Is there a way to download the game engine to run it locally on my computer?

Yes, there is a way to do so (I questioned too soon :slight_smile:).
Here is the github page for the code.

I still don’t understand how to run the engine. I see the (link at the bottom), but what runs the Referee? And how could I replicate this locally?

If you want to run one game, import the project on eclipse/intellij and run src/test/java/SkeletonMain.main().
However for NN training, you will probably have to use the CLI class made by @Magus that you can find here.


Is the referee available to use for other languages than java?

You can feed it with either an executable (e.g. ./Agent), or a command line (e.g. python3

Does the repo contain all the files needed to compile and run games from CLI? I’m new to programming and Java in particular and I don’t understand how you can run this.