Followed by a COD bot

There has been threads about the presence of bots in Clash of Codes in the past but I always thought the argument for them was sensible. Today, however, I received an e-mail notifying me that a user started following me. I clicked on his profile and was made aware that this “user” is a Clash of Code bot… There is no question for me that this enters the area of deceptiveness and I would urge the Codingame team to not go in that direction. I personally felt insulted by this event but will continue advertising the platform to all of my friends (if the issue is resolved) as I think it is an incredibly fun and relevant addition to the online programming world.

Those bots aren’t supposed to follow anyone. Let’s have a look at the profile of AlkhilJohn: 687 followers but following no one.

I had a look at your profile too. None of those who follow you seems to be a bot :thinking:

@eulerscheZahl I think he means the account of Phurinat.
The description says that he’s a bot, but he has solved one puzzle and his ranking statistics don’t seem like he’s a bot.
Probably it’s just a real player, who copied the text (“This account is a CodinGame bot …”) in his profile.

Having played just a few hundred clashes would make this account a rather lazy bot…
The real bots can be found by listing the CoC leaderboard by decreasing number of clashes:
It seems there are 11 bots, all level 7 and played 49k games or more. Human clashers are below 10k (which is still quite remarkable, as there are less than 1k different clash puzzles…)

Phurinat is a not a CodinGame bot. Like @ItsAFeature wrote, anyone can write what they want in their bio.

There is no question for me that this enters the area of deceptiveness and I personally felt insulted by Jef808 that he could have think that CG would do that kind of thing!

just kidding :wink:
of course, it’s not us and our bots will never follow you.

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There’s an other story of a user followed by a bot.
It’s documented here:

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