Game view doesn't load, errors in browser console

I’m having the same problem in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

(I’m not allowed to upload images as a new user, dropbox links will expire in 7 days)

Happens on landing page and its IDE page. I’m not using any adblockers or similar on Edge and Firefox.

I have similar problems on Code vs Zombies - didn’t check others yet.
PC perfectly up to date, only thing that stands out a bit is 4k monitor - I’ve seen some apps behave strangely on this res.
Probably not in this case, errors are:

  1. Few 403’s on jpg and png’s
  2. 126 of “Possibly unhandled rejection: undefined undefined” from vendors.js

If you need more info let me know, I can provide it when I’m back from work.

Cheers !

It should be fixed now.