Ghost in the Cell(after ending)

After the contest ended, can the team(codingame team) we ask the first 10 to give us the code on the forum(that they used to win ) , so we know how to improve in the future?

they will write a post mortem on how to improve, as usual, but they won’t give u the entire code coz if they do, a lot of people will submit these full sources as their own and legend league will get a lot of the same bots on different accounts


After the game is done way it mattes if we have the code, because its over… and you cant sumit more. or can you?

They usually open a multiplayer game after the contest ends, with the same game of the contest.

For example, there is a Fantastic Bits and Hypersonic contests here:, just like we had a contest of them before.


I believe you can already learn a lot from here: