Ghost in the Cell - Bugs

You shouldn’t have a popup of “New rules” in Silver.
There is no new rules after Bronze.

However, since some people are able to pass several league in a row (i meant without manually pushing), we used to repeat the lastest update in every statement after Bronze. So you will read this in Gold and Legend too.

I guess that something we could improve for the next contest.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :slight_smile:


How do we make more than one move more move per turn. I always get an input error when I try that

a string like
“MOVE 1 0 5;MOVE 1 3 5;MOVE 1 5 5;MOVE 1 7 5;WAIT”
will work, if you own the factories. Note there is no semicolon at the end.

so my c code would look like
cout << “MOVE 1 0 5;MOVE 1 3 5;MOVE 1 5 5;MOVE 1 7 5;WAIT” << endl;

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Any body to answer my question ?
Maybe I’m not clear ?

I can explain in French, if you want… ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it’s probably because the question is confusing… there are no laps in Ghost in the Cell. Did you mean to post this in the Coders Strike Back thread?

Assuming that this is the case, the answer to the laps question is it was a design decision. To keep the game easy in the early leagues, CG simplified the user inputs so that a relatively novice coder could build a workable bot with only a little bit of effort; here’s your next checkpoint, here’s your current angle in relation to it, here’s where you and your opponent are, GO!. In the Gold league and above, you get the whole map in the initialization data.

Not sure about the output sync question.

Agreed. I’m not sure what is being asked either, but (just guessing here) sometimes your stderr messages might seem to be associated with a different turn than you expect them to. (???) If this is what you are trying to express, then you need to print your stderr for turn N after you read the first line of stdin for turn N, but before you read the first line of stdin for turn N+1.

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Sorry for my bad English.
But thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

The questions were really for Ghost in the Cell.

Sorry if I talk about “lap”… I mean “turn”. It’s maybe a better word for the time elapsed in the game, on the right of the console output, near all the actions (for example “10/100”, I mean).

But the “1st turn” is not present in the console output. It’s starting at “2/XX”…

For the synchronization problem, forget it …
A bad “command” that was trailing in the middle of a piece of code rarely executed.

And sorry for my English…

ah, now I understand.

The game engine increments its turn counter for each player’s turn, so the turn count shown on the screen is the number of turns taken by all players and the in-game turn is the number shown, divided by the number of players. That’s common to all the games in here. You’ll also note that when you press the forward and back buttons on the player, the turns increment by 2 rather than 1 like you might expect… same reason.

“It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.” :wink:

OK. Thanks for the answer and the explanation… :slight_smile:

Hi there,

I’m having so much fun with this, thanks!

when I send game parameters to IDE and attempt to ‘replay in same conditions’ I get different TROOP arg1s depending on my console output color (or color under players.) My output (MOVE, INC, etc.) is still beige, and I interact with the beige factories. Also, there’s an output from me before the other player or any of my stderr text pops up.

If I delete both players and make my current IDE code the beige/orange player it works.

I haven’t seen it mentioned so maybe it’s just me… is chat down for anyone else?


Same for me

same here and i can’t submit anymore i have an error each time i try

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Chat down for me too. I’m done with adding more bugs, so I just want to chat and chill.
I haven’t tested Submit.

if they won’t fix the submit button before the contest ends, it’ll be good to extend the contest time for technical reasons

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You broke it with that many submissions, Maddy :slight_smile:
Maybe rate-limiting the submits per hour in that final point it would be ok.
I’m against submit spamming to try to get a lucky start.

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but my last submit rekt u and got a better rank, rektchete

No submit no chat, CG engine is dead ?

IDE replay viewer is very bugged, it’s freezing for too often - the game canvas freezes, but the game turn slider is moving like the game’s not paused
and sometimes on the 1st run in IDE the game title “Ghost in the cell” on the game screen isn’t disappearing when the game is already up and Standard output stream is showing all the turns

not to mention the entire tab crashes with a 20% probability on any Play my code on a new random seed or when opening Last battles

What is happening ? Submit take 40mins for 10 matchs :’(