Ghost in the Cell - Bugs

this may be coz a lot of players (and a half of legend) is now submitting

Speaking of legend, can someone remind what’s happening at the end ?
They repush everybody ? They keep the ranking, and trigger more games for all players ? None of that ?

If I recall from Fantastic Bits, 100 matches for top 100, to do a final recalc.

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they trigger more games for everyone from legend or for top-100

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It was described here.
It says “limited to the first 150 players”. In HyperSonic and Fantastic Bits, they made a complete recalc in legend league (a bit more than 150 players).
The previous ranking will be used as a starting point for the recalc.

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No chat working, can’t ask people for some tips on improve to silver :frowning:

i can help u with that - loop through all the pairs of factories and add MOVE N troops commands from A to B if something for every pair of factories, append a score (troopsGainedPer15turns), sort by this score, and print all the commands which have N troops left in A to send

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