Ghost in the Cell - Scoring questions

Hello everyone,

First contest for me and I have a few questions about scoring for which I didn’t find answers in this forum (or that was old posts).

  • How exactly the “Score” value (in the leaderboard) is computed? I guess it is related to the current league but I would like to have more precisions.

  • During the contest, I saw that my ranking in the Bronze league was x / ~1,400 and in the leaderboard I see myself 574 / 1,296.
    In my profile I see that my ranking history for this contest is 1,463 / 3,508.

What do all these different values mean?

Thank you for your enlightments :slight_smile:

PS: great contest, hope to do better for the next one!

It’s right behind, in fact I revive that post yesterday:

Challenge is scored as: N^((N-C+1)/N) * 2.
Where N is N° of players with Score >0 and C is your position in the leaderboard.

There are two rankings, one inside each league, and one global for all players of that challenge. The global one is used for the score calculation (N=3508).
So for that formula your C=1463 and N=3508 (or less, if there are people with score less than 1).

The score in the Leaderboard is computed using Trueskill. See previous Marchete link.

In the IDE, the rank displayed is relative to your current league (aka Bronze).
In your profile, the rank is the global one (all league together).
In the leaderboard, it’s the global one too, but I’m pretty sure you have your country filter enabled.

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Thank you both for your answers.

About the contest leaderboard, the country filter was indeed enabled and I did not see it (shame on me, at least I’ll know for the next time).