Ghost players! (Display bug on large leaderboards)

For instance CSB filtered on Afghanistan:

The top of the page looks fine, until you scroll down to about the middle (players around rank 41K to 53K). Keep scrolling down, the same players stay on the page, until reaching the very end. Suddenly there is a single player at the top. Scrolling back up does not show more players, again until reaching somewhere around the middle.

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Looked at the json data: the problem starts at rank 54202 (among Afghans), where players have no score at all, and are also not computing.

For the whole world:

85,457 results found for «Score - All» 
54,083 results found for «Score - Stable»
 There is no result for your request «Score - Computing»

There appears to be more than 30K “ghost” players on CSB! :smiley:

This is affecting CP calculation.

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This comes from the fact that players reaching the gold league in CSB don’t get automatically resubmitted.

It’s an old feature that it seems we created because this gold league introduces changes in the stub too, breaking all AIs promoting in. So if players reaching the league don’t resubmit, they end up as these ghosts without a score.

We’ve learned since that we should not break the stub in a new league… Ever.

The CSB arena will stay as it is. However, we’ll fix the scroll issue.

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Oh, I see! Thanks for the investigations!

It doesn’t affect CP calculation.

The CG is calculated as


It seems to me from my current CG points, that for CSB the N is around 54k and not 84k.
If the 30k ghost players would be valid players (increasing N), that would increase the CG value of a given position on the leaderboard. Is this assumption correct?

I meant it affects CP by removing those players from the N in the formula.

Which is a reasonable choice, since they haven’t adapted their code for Gold, it’s not an accomplishment to beat them. Plus N is big enough in CSB :smiley: