Goto in python

is there ‘goto’ module in python ?
so that we can jump several lines using goto/label as follows

goto label


There’s a goto library but it’s not part of the standard library and it’s not available on CG.
This library was created as a joke but it seems like few people actually use it.
More information here:

But seriously, I doubt it’s that usefull, the classical use of a goto is to break a deep nested loop, and it can be done easily by just putting the nested loops in a function a calling return to break it all.

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Thanks for your reply

And to break deep loops, we can also use try/except as follows

____for … :
________for … :
____________for … :
________________for … :
____________________for … :
________________________for … :
____________________________if condition :
________________________________raise Exception
except :

this is not real exception, just to break loops