Groovy Timeouts

Hello again,

I remember myself reporting this in the past already and it got fixed for some time. Now again I can see Groovy failing randomly with: “Timeout: your program did not write to the standard output in due time.”

Like this it is impossible to solve puzzles and/or COC. Results differ between each run, and unfortunately also between test case runs and after submitting. If I run 10 test cases it is always 1-2 cases failing and the others pass and each time a different one.

Specifically I am trying to solve “The Descent” puzzle to get progress in my quest map.
The code I use is:

input = new Scanner(;
while (true) {
    def maxHeight = -1
    def maxId = -1
    for (i = 0; i < 8; ++i) {
        mountainH = input.nextInt()
        if (mountainH > maxHeight) {
            maxHeight = mountainH
            maxId = i
    println "$maxId"

Can you please have a look on this once more?

Thanks and gratefull greetings.


Still no change, also in other modes :frowning:

I don’t know whether the fix in July 2021 really fixed the issue (CG claimed to have fixed it in response to the previous post @demmatze ) or not, but another player raised an issue in April 2022 in this post, and I myself have experienced in various puzzles many times of having to submit my solution a few times (or even a dozen of times) for it to finally pass all the validators, instead of timing out in different validators every time.

Would @_CG_ClementHammel please take a look at this issue again? Thanks.

I am also seeing random Groovy time-outs on the Descent puzzle, as well as the Thor’s Hammer puzzle. I don’t know the language at all, and thought you might have needed to do something special to flush the output buffer, but don’t know what that might be. Using System.out << maxId instead of println “$maxId” did not solve the problem. In the end, I just re-submitted until all of the tests passed.