Hardest question seen in Clash of Code?

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Clash of Code, although I’ve observed that many challenges seem to share a similar level of difficulty. To my understanding, the problems are randomly selected and do not correlate with one’s rating.

As I’m currently preparing for interviews, I find the 15-minute time frame of Clash of Code challenges particularly appealing, as it closely resembles the 20-minute problem-solving rule often applied in interview scenarios.

While the time constraint provides a great simulation of real-world scenarios, I’ve noticed that the complexity and diversity of the problems could be improved. Most of the challenges I’ve encountered primarily involve string manipulation. There was one instance where a problem required matrix rotation, but I have yet to come across problems that necessitate the use of dynamic programming or recursion, or any that are comparable to Leetcode Medium difficulty.

Is there something I’m overlooking? Do Clash of Code challenges encompass these types of problems?

Please refer to the contribution guidelines for details. In particular, I quote from that page:

Clash of Code

The main goal of a CoC battle is to be solved in a short period of time. CoC players are looking for quick simple puzzles to solve; for more complex problems, they’ll dive into the classic puzzles section.

The 15-minute time limit implies that a question should be solvable in a short period of time. If you know about dynamic programming, then a dynamic programming question is solvable within 15 minutes. A perfect example is memoization of Factorial. Obviously if it’s your first time seeing a specific topic then it’ll take longer but failing the timer is actually a useful learning experience.

Short time window does not imply that the question should be easy. It just implies that you have to quickly find the solution.

Good luck in your interviews and finding the relevant clash questions here!