Heavy fuel :D

Woot !

I finally managed to achieve #1 at fuel optimization kicking Jeff06 out of the first place by a few points.

Come get me, boys! (&girls^^) :smiley:

Oh, and by the way…
Thanks again Jeff06 for your post on genetic algorithms, that was awesome! :wink:

oh, I still have to do some hardcoding on this puzzle, as I learned that the validator tests were only slightly shifted API tests ><

You can indeed do “hardcoding”, real time i could barely get higher than 2400.
However finding the good values to hardcode is not so easy to find out…

This is a good example of the work involved:

Edit: After fixing and running my real time a few times, results fluctuated from 2452 to 2466.


where did u use genes? in some kind of built-in big formula to calculate new acceleration/rotation from the current pos?

As the validators tests are the same as IDE’s slightly shifted, what will work in the IDE will work in the validator, so you can develop the physic system locally, use a genetic algorithm to find a local optimal path (like for the travelling salesman problem for exemple), and once you have this solution, hardcode it with tons of print(“angle thrust”)

Maybe you can use fuzzy logic as well.

i know, i did like that for ML1
i asked about your gen algo - where did u use your genes in AI? in some formulas as constants?

I actually started by using my real time tweaking coefficients as genes and simulate the outcome.
After it’s a game of refining / redefining those coefficients and tweaking the algorithm itself.

What i can say is that pretty small changes can bring a lot of difference in the results.

but that’s a good idea, i’ll try that

Congratulations! I think I’ll have to rework my Mars Lander algo, I really pushed it to the limits already, not sure it can still get 5 more fuel points!