Help with game :(

Hello everyone!

I have a small request to meybe someone of You.
I’ve tried to write a game(Only in console) called Breakthrough. I gave up, I couldnt even do a replace of pawns and there are a lot of work to do left.

There’s my question. Could someone help me to write it?

Game have to have some additionals:

  1. Player vs Player mode.
  2. Player vs AI (There we have to do interface class Strategy to implement 2 kind of AI player “Killer” and “Random”)
    - Killer have to kill if possible;
    -Random is moving randomly
  3. Interface strategy is for easy adding additional kind of AI Players
  4. board have to be 8x8
  5. White pawns always starts
  6. Color of your pawns are choose randomly
  7. more information here :
    I would be grateful if someone would help.