Hi everyone this is my code (java) Thor, last test does not work (4)

Edit: No full code

WTF is that :stuck_out_tongue:

hirth test … thor stopped walking ,besides energy stopped at 16 more less , i thought … i need more moving that is the reason that i put a for …
and it worked the test thirt.
but i am really beginner jejej I love this page because it makes me thinking and thinking jeje

Yep, he run out of energy cuz you always go in straight line (N, W, S, or E) but Thor can also move in diagonal (NE,NW, SE, SW).

You need to delete your for loop and put back your old stuff like you perfectly did for the 3 others directions.

You also need to concatenate both direction (add 2 string to make 1: “a”+“b” = “ab”)

“North, South Or None” + “East, West, None”

thanks brother, i did it again , as you told me then it worked …
i know it is an easy game . jeje but i am really beginner jeje
well, this is my finally code … and thanks again Brother …

EDIT: No Full Code on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice ! Glad to hear.

Pretty standard solution.

Problem solved. Topic closed.

yes … yeah , and rock and roll ,

You know, I think we should have a puzzle put on the list directly before Thor… but after the tutorial puzzle.

See if we start getting ridiculous questions about that puzzle instead?