Hi from arekbulski

Hi everyone!

My name is Arkadiusz. I felt a bit bored so I figured I would write a short hello post. If you feel this is just clutter to you, then please say so. :wink:

I studied Computer Science at a local university, so at least certain topics are well known to me. I hope that I will be able to share some of that knowledge with you. I am by no means a master at this, but I applied myself a lot then and had good grades. I am good at writing (both docs and code).

I am a problem setter at polish SPOJ, have been for years. I already created few problems (puzzles) there. I hope to bring some of those puzzles and the experience gained there to this site. But only the best kind.

If you would like to ask me anything, or ask anything of me, just ask. :smiley:

Welcome here, I hope you’ll have fun by resolving or creating puzzles.

I had much fun with one of yours:

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I created my first puzzle on this site. I welcome everyone to comment and upvote…

Try this one if you want a bit more difficulty :wink:

Thanks! I am struggling with some of the easy puzzles as it is. If you would like to offer some of the “lower hanging fruits” here? :smile:

Currently fighting Probability for dummies, the monte carlo method.

Welcome here,
I hope you enjoy in this website ! :smiley:

Easily one of the all-time Codingame great puzzles!

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Thank you Timinator :smiling_face: if you liked Rush Hour you will also like Sokoban

Oh yeah, probably as difficult as it looks! :grin: