Hi from the new product manager of CodinGame!

Hi there :wave:

I’m Clément, and I just joined CodinGame to take care of the community!

My last name may sound familiar: I’m Mathis’ brother. I’ve also been a CodinGamer for quite some time now, you may have seen me in a Clash of Code or streaming our Fall/Spring challenge bots with Mathis

My role is to improve the platform we all know and love. We already have cool ideas but feel free to share your ideas and remarks I’ll be glad to hear them!

I created a small poll here just for you all on Discord, to know what you love on CodinGame and what you expect or hope to see on it.

If you want to talk to me directly I’m also up for a direct 15-minute chat with you (in English or French). I’ve only opened a few slots, but I will certainly reopen some if needed

Also, feel free to ask me anything here, I’ll do my best to answer your questions about CodinGame or me !

Can’t wait to start on this cool project, hope to see you all on the Fall Challenge🍃


Hi Clément!

I learned a TON from some of the videos Mathis created, and it made me decide to start filming some of my own. I made one last night of my initial reaction to the Fall 2022 contest in the hopes of helping more beginners get on the leaderboard.

I would very much like to chat with you for 15 minutes, and if you’re open to it I’d like to give you a list of questions beforehand and film it as a podcast interview. Either way, congratulations on the new role!


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Hi Jesse :wave:
Thanks for your message! Please send me these questions at clement.hammel@coderpad.io, we can book a time slot from there :slight_smile:

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Fantastic! I just emailed about scheduling. Here’s the questions I’m already planning to ask. I’m also going to start a new thread under general discussion to invite the community to comment and give me any questions they want to ask as well. Interview Questions for _CG_ClementHammel - Google Docs