How can I create a clash of my task

Hello community! Can I create my own task and create a private clash for a group of people? Or private clash is real only with random tasks? Thanks

As far as I understand, you can choose the type(s) (Fastest/Shortest/Reverse) and allowable language(s) for a private clash, but the task is random. You may start a private clash by clicking the button near the bottom of this page:

You can create your own task and keep it private (i.e. it cannot be seen by others without the link), but you’ll probably have to play a private clash on that task by using your own timer and sharing the link to the task.

Thank you. I will try to share my private task via link

And one small question: So I can configure only the type of my private clash (Fastest/Shortest/Reverse) I can’t control time and lvl as well, right?

Time: No, you can’t.
Level: Not sure what you mean? Level is not assigned to any clashes.