How could I verify why my improvement decreased my score?

My often case:

  1. I analyze scenario why I’m failed
  2. I prepared an improvement and I checked after improvement I win.
  3. I submit improvement and my score is worse than before.

It means my improvement helped in one scenario but is worse in others. How could I easy find a battle which I won without improvement but failed with it?

You could try CGSpunk.

Run games that alternate between IDE and Arena code, CGSpunk will highlight games where the outcome differed.

Otherwise just blame RNG.

When you think you improved your code test it before Submit with more different match setup.

Go to the Options tab next to Players and save parameters for different battles with different setup. Then replay those matches against the same enemy AI and evaluate the results (score, steps amount, etc.).

This can show if you make a step back in some situations.

It seems CGSpunk is something I really wanted. Big applause. Thx!

@goq, I don’t have Options tab. Next to ‘Players’ is ‘Actions’