How create efficient 2D map representation

Helo, I have one problem to choose strategy of coding 2D maps for later use in game.
My question is what better to use, bitmap representation using byte data on array[][], or use vector?
What is better to use it. array using bytes on 2D to create map where my player bolt can move is better to use? or I can use vector?

I was using previously 2D array using bool data, and creating for example 5 maps, where each of it was representing something else, like first route, second diamants , third players or enemys… and so one.
Or create class on vector, and there put everything.

Which programming language? Please choose the relevant category and specify it in your post. Thanks.

I had C++, but it is about projecting code. I am struggling between making map from 2D array, or use vector… I am wondering what is les work to do. I mean easier to code.