How do I Accept or Reject contributions?

On my homepage, the next thing I need to do on a certain path is to Accept or Reject a contribution. But when I follow the link to the contributions page or open a contribution, I can upvote and downvote them, but how do I Accept or Reject one?

If the contribution is in “WIP” (work in progress) you can’t Accect or reject (you can see “WIP” in the name).

For other contributions, it depends if it is a puzzle or a clash :

  • for clashes, you need to have done 50 clashes or more
  • for puzzles, you need to have reached level 20 or more.

You are not level 20, so you can’t accept or reject a puzzle. But you can accetp or reject a non “WIP” clash.

Please don’t forget to test it before accepting !!

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