How do i learn Python from this website?

how do i learn python from this app??

This is a learn-by-doing type of site. You can’t learn the basics of Python here if you don’t already know some, but you can take a little bit of existing Python knowledge and apply it to a varied set of puzzles that will make you a lot better.


@Epickillorder If you have not learned any programming languages before, it’ll be difficult, and in that case you’d probably better learn it at another website first.

do u know one i should try first

Try googling the programming language of your choice, e.g. search “python for beginners”, “c# for beginners”.

thank u for the help

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do u think this is a good one

Your link contains the official documentation. I don’t think it can help you like a tutorial for beginners.

how about this website

It looks a bit old because it teaches Python 2 (older version) instead of Python 3 (newer version).

Perhaps you may try this:

thank u ur cool in my book

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Hi @Epickillorder,

You can check these websites -


Hope this help you.

Thank you for your sharing

I’ve also found Google Colab to be useful when learning Python:

It was helpful to be able to easily run snippets of code and see the result quickly without worrying about installing anything, command lines, or special software.

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You could also try W3Schools, which offers extensive documentation and try-it demos of the code in action. It offers Python, Javascript, Java, HTML, CSS and many other languages. Try it!

Here’s the link:

And here’s another cool site for learning to code:

Anyone reading this comment can visit these links. Just for clarity.

I know this is an old post, but adding this for others with the same question…

Prof David Malan at Harvard is the world’s best teacher!!

You can do his Python course (including assignments that get graded) for FREE online.

Here is the playlist, including a quick 4-minute intro: CS50P - Introduction - YouTube
See the description in those videos for how to actually sign up to be able to do the assignments too.

(Don’t let the silly muppets in the video deter you; he is an excellent teacher/communicator.)

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@Lisa-Has-Ideas is spot-on! Harvard is one of the premier teaching institutions in the world. Every last detail in their courses, including the wonderful Muppets, is carefully chosen to create an experience with unmatched character and depth.

The fact that you can take these courses for free is an opportunity you do not want to miss!


@Lisa-Has-Ideas and @Timinator, I agree with you. I watched the videos, and they were helpful and well done.