How do i learn Python from this website?

how do i learn python from this app??

This is a learn-by-doing type of site. You can’t learn the basics of Python here if you don’t already know some, but you can take a little bit of existing Python knowledge and apply it to a varied set of puzzles that will make you a lot better.


@Epickillorder If you have not learned any programming languages before, it’ll be difficult, and in that case you’d probably better learn it at another website first.

do u know one i should try first

Try googling the programming language of your choice, e.g. search “python for beginners”, “c# for beginners”.

thank u for the help

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do u think this is a good one

Your link contains the official documentation. I don’t think it can help you like a tutorial for beginners.

how about this website

It looks a bit old because it teaches Python 2 (older version) instead of Python 3 (newer version).

Perhaps you may try this:

thank u ur cool in my book

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Hi @Epickillorder,

You can check these websites -


Hope this help you.

Thank you for your sharing

I’ve also found Google Colab to be useful when learning Python:

It was helpful to be able to easily run snippets of code and see the result quickly without worrying about installing anything, command lines, or special software.

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