How do I search for something in the forum?

This may sound like a very silly question, but how do I search for something in the forum? I really cannot see any feature for performing a search of certain keywords (if there is, it isn’t obvious to me) :frowning_face:
The only way I have to look for something is try to create a new post, put something in the title and trust the platform to find closely related questions, or search in Google, but this is highly inefficient.

Ah ah, I do the same trick !

are you using Firefox?

So you don’t see this bar, do you?


We have an old bug that we didn’t fix that would hide the forum top bar on Firefox. Usually, F5 saves the day.

On Firefox for me and I don’t see such bar. Even after refreshing.

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Shift + refesh ?

The top bar should be displayed now.

I confirm. Thanks.

Damned, I came just right at the good moment, this week-end.
Some days before the toolbar was not visible, and now I cannot enter the IDE anymore. How much resolution is needed ?