How do you approve/reject a contribution?

I’ve finished 50 clashes, and the quest map says that I have permission to accept and reject contributions. When I go to a page to do that (e.g. Coding Games and Programming Challenges to Code Better), I see the section with the people who have approved and rejected. However, I don’t see the button to click to do that. I’m probably missing something obvious, but I would greatly appreciate it if someone lets me know what that is.

As soon as I posted this, the button to approve and reject became clickable. I think you need to post at least once on the forum for it to work.

Probably not, maybe it just needs some time to update the database or refreshing the website.

You defo don’t need to post once on the forum, you just have to wait for the cache to refresh or something.

I also can’t do that. The buttons are white.

Please read the minimum requirements for approving/rejecting contributions here:

Please note that the requirements are different for clashes and other types of contributions.

Also, you can’t approve/reject any contributions which are in the WIP status.

I also have more than 50 clashes, but I can’t seem to accept or reject a contribution. I have 50 clashes for a while now, not sure if there’s anything that would have to do?

UPDATE: after reading the FAQ, I saw someone with a similar problem in which when they checked the leader board, they had less than 50 clashes. I checked mine, and in the leader board it says I have less than 50 clashes. After some attempts and observations, it seems like that the leader board only counts clashes with more than a certain amount of percent, while the achievements just counts how many you did.

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You need to be on a clash that is not WIP and a clash. Clashes and puzzles are bunched together, so you have to be careful to click on the clashes that aren’t WIP.

Have the same bug ( I can’t a approve a CoC which is not WIP ).
I confirm Storm_Blackthorn answer : the counter used for approval right is the same used on the leaderboard, which is different from the one used on the quest map, which one is related to the real number of clashes done.
That’s a bit confusing, perhaps in the docs it should be specified for approval right that only CoC completed ( or another characteristic, i don’t really know ) are taken into account.

Thanks !

Sorry, changed my mind for the solving proposition I made : changing docs won’t change the fact that quest board says that you can approve or reject CoC but in fact you can’t ^^’