How does multiplayer challenges ranking work?

How does multiplayer challenges ranking work ?
-> I just finish my first algorithm version, it’s ranked X out of X but I don’t know why.

Are ranks updated each time I use the last battle panel and click on a launch button ?
Are ranks update automatically each day/hour by a background process ?

PS: Would be nice to add this information in the FAQ.

Merci d’avance. Et bravo pour cette superbe plateforme made by Frenchies :slight_smile:

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Oh, I was wrong ! I though to battle someone, I had to click on a play button in the arena panel.
But it seems that actually all the listed fight have already been launch and the play buttons are just the replay buttons :stuck_out_tongue: And the rank for each fight is given by the column with X/X like data.

So each time someone click on Fight in Area, all players rank are updated.
Will it be scalable when there will be 100000 users, wait & see :slight_smile:

Additional info: the “select players” panel in traning mode make my chrome laggy.

There should be a fix soon to improve performances of this panel.
“So each time someone click on Fight in Area, all players rank are updated.”: no, it’s refreshing periodically, and the next version will use the same principle.

Thanks for your answer.

Can I ask where you read that (source) ? Ty.

I’m in an intership at codingame.

Ok great thanks :slight_smile:

Different question, but similar topic I guess :
I just spent several weeks on Hypersonic (Multiplayer) and ranked 282 worldwide as I can see from the Hypersonic Leaderboard - World.
However, when I look at the details of my Ranking Statistics, I see that I only have 107 CP for multiplayer games and that I am ranked 13190/663522 worldwide (much worse than all the other categories BTW). As hypersonic is the only multiplayer game I ever started (all others are set as not-started), I don’t understand why it doesn’t match the ranking I see in Hypersonic. Does anyone have an idea ?
It’s very frustrating to be able to easily win 1500 CP with a few clashes and not being able to get more than 107 CP with Hypersonic. Is it really that hard, or is there something I don’t know ?
Thank you [and congrats for this incredible platform for those who participated],
EDIT: Looks like I’m only 282/915, which is extremely bad indeed. (So many week-ends for this…) Is this the explanation of my 107 CP ?

If you click on your profile, you will see a “Rank” square indicating your CG rank according to your CG points. If you click on the question mark on the upper right, a FAQ will pop up giving you all the information behind how the CG points are granted for multiplayer games.

To get a decent amount of CG points, you need to be at least top 10% in that multiplayer game. Also, if that game is not very popular like Hypersonic, it will not give nearly as many points as a really popular one like CSB.

Thanks a lot, reCurse !