How get checkpoint coordinates x, y in gold ligue

Hi, I just evolve to the gold ligue, but I dont see how I am suppose to get next_check_point_x and y. It must have something to do with checkpoint_id. Is thst id an index for a list? I am stuck there I need I little help.

Thank’s a lot

The initialization inputs give you the x and y coordinates for each checkpoint ID. Then you can use the checkpoint ID to look up the x and y coordinates each turn.

Initialization input
Line 1: laps : the number of laps to complete the race.
Line 2: checkpointCount : the number of checkpoints in the circuit.
Next checkpointCount lines : 2 integers checkpointX , checkpointY for the coordinates of checkpoint.

Every loop turn give a new x and y for checkpoints, so I created a variable to get it in a list.