How kids can learn coding?

My child is interested in coding and he is 12 years old but I don’t know coding so how can I teach him? Is there any online coding platform?

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Not a full learning platform, only a language + IDE + runtime but I have seen using successfully during a fun coding weekend for kids 12+. Typical apps are graphics oriented, which makes it more accessible for kids. I would not recommend it for absolute beginners though, only as a second step.

Also, has anyone experience with Minecraft Education Edition? After MS bought Mojang it was announced, but don’t know if it is good. Minecraft can be really captivating for a 12-years old. My son used even the regular Minecraft to build logic circuits with redstones.

maybe start with

Thank you all for your suggestions. Surely, I will check all these platforms. I also heard about but I don’t know more about it. Is that good?

Happy to know that your child is interested in coding in his early childhood. I would like to recommend Cyber Square. They are providing various coding courses for kids depending on their age.

I would highly recommend The Code Zone - coding for kids is all they do and they do it well. English mentors that help and guide your child through their builds. Coding club for children - You can see more here