How to add an image to the statement of a contribution puzzle?

Creating a contribution Classic Puzzle (IN/OUT) I would like like to improve the description of the @Goal statement by including a few descriptive figures like but I don’t find any way to du that.
Is it possible and how?

I thing it would be a very nice feature to improve the clarity of the statement.
Why not make it as easy as including a image here?

Explaining the structure of an EAN-13 barcode:

Add it in the banner?
Note that there is already an EAN-13 puzzle.

It seems like I am not able to control the resizing of the banner and that the player can’t easily reach the full image like below.

I’m aware of the EAN-13 decoder puzzle. I working on an encoder version - yet WIP.
Feel free to check it out in contributions.

I agree it would be nice to have this option, but using the banner image has worked for my purposes. Try to put the necessary part of the image in the middle of the banner. That way, it can mostly always be seen regardless of the screen size of the player.

The problem then being that newcomers will get socked if their screen resolutions does not fit mine.
I would preferer a solution where explanatory images can be a valuable part of an contribution statemen.

I think it is possible if the image is already hosted somewhere.

As far as I’m aware the best you can do on a classic IN/OUT puzzle is externally host it with the url in the text but there isn’t a way to make a link (the user has to copy it).

Puzzles made with the SDK have less restrictions (you can include images in the uploaded zip file) , but require a lot more work.

Hi, I’ve seen some puzzles with images in the statement. Is it possible to do this in a contribution?

Any help is appreciated.


Please see the discussion above (and search before you ask next time :wink: ).