How to recover my password to change the email address that is used for password recovery

I usually log in using facebook, but I now need to update my email address since I have entered a competition.

The problem is that I forgot my password, which is needed to update my email address. My next problem is that I need to update my email address to recover my password.

To complicate things further, I did manage to update my email address for this forum, the change doesn’t seem to propagate through to my account…

I am on level 10 and would hate to lose all the progress I have made… Is there any alternative to creating a new account?

An admin can probably help you. Just wait here, they’ll see your topic.

if you used to log in via Facebook, there is no password associated to your account email. To set it, you need to click on the 'Forget your password" button on the start page.
If you don’t have access to that email anymore, message me privately and I can help.

The Discourse account (for this forum) is created using your CG account but any change to it won’t change the CG account.

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Thanks @TwoSteps.

Next question: How do I PM people? Do I need more forum cred to see this feature?
Could you please PM me to get things moving?


You can PM Thibaud by going here:
Then you click the “Message” button at top right.

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Thanks @Magus. Please tell me you changed something, otherwise I will feel foolish for missing the bright big yellow “Message” box I was looking for earlier!

I’m just a moderator, i have no admin right. I can’t change anything on users profiles.

Thanks guys, all sorted now!

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