How to see past attempted puzzles?

Hey I am new here,
I am wondering is there a way to view past attempted puzzles? I just completed one made by another user but on my account I can’t find any record of completing it or anything. I have go back to the actual puzzle to view my score.

I was just hoping maybe there there a catalog or list of all the past attempted puzzles?


Go to an overview page like this.
The solved ones are at the bottom.

Hello all,
i am really new to this side and already a big fan. Initially i started here because i was in search of how to write a atomic Bomberman ai (here it is called hypersonic).
Meanwhile i solved this task and now enjoy the variety of other puzzles and especially the Clash of Code thing.

As i talk to other (realworld, offline) people i want to show them the puzzles i already solved, or even sometimes recap and maybe improve my old solutions. But when i click on the “home” button i can only see a list full of clash of code and the “last” puzzle i edited, but was not able to find the completed task list.

So my question, is there somewhere a list of all puzzles / bot’s i wrote, so that i can revisite the code?

Unfortunately, there isn’t a single page which lists all codes you write. You’ll have to visit individual category pages using the top menu, and click the VIEW ALL button where applicable to see which puzzles/bot games you have completed and which you have not, e.g.
• SOLO > CODE GOLF > Code golf - Medium (VIEW ALL)

And then you can click on individual puzzle/bot game to get your code.

Using the above method you can rely on solely the interface of the CodinGame website to get your submitted codes. Alternatively, you can write a code to extract all the codes you’ve written.